Welcome to my world!


World of passion, color, dreams and discovery. You would miss the point if I said that I love travelling. Wittnessing diversity of cultures and beauty of the world is my truly passion. I have been living in multiple countries (and always comming back to Latvia) and never stop waiting to discover more unknown.

Where is photography in all of that?! Well, it has always been next to me, in one or another way. It is not only about capturing the moment. It is the way of expressing myself- I am blessed that I can combine some of my passions.


I can speak non stop about adventures, inspire for better things, create and splash energy all over the place but in the same time I can be silent for days to find my inner space and return to deepest state.

If you like my work, contact me and speak out about your wishes or desires. But remember- it is not only me who creates- we do it together, so you choose wich side of you, you want to show to me and the world!



My name is Sandra and I want to hear your story!